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Dental Implants Gallery

The smile makeovers below show the ‘before and after’ results of dental implants performed by Dr. Ted Reese. If you are a phobic patient, view the Smile Gallery which only shows ‘after’, finished smiles.

Multiple tooth replacement with dental implants.


Single tooth replacement with an implant.

Before: The titanium metal implant was placed immediately at the time the tooth had to be removed and allowed to heal for 4 months.

After: The custom made all porcelain crown cements onto the implant securely and doesn’t require alteration or ‘grinding’ of the adjacent teeth to replace the missing tooth as with a conventional bridge.

Dental Implant to Replace Bridge

Before: These teeth were replaced with a removable type of ‘flipper’ or bridge that is loose, uncomfortable to wear, and difficult to chew with as it covers the roof of the mouth. Flippers often fracture with chewing forces.

After: The all porcelain fixed bridge is cemented securely onto the implants allowing replacement of the teeth without the use of metal clasps or acrylic covering the roof of the mouth.

Additional Implant/Overdenture Options

Implant Bridge

This implant restoration is a nonremovable bridge for the upper arch. The bridge is made of zirconia (strong porcelain) are replaces the teeth and the gums to simulate life like appearances of the teeth and smile and also supports cheek and lip by replacing the ‘pink’ gums. The bridge is screwed into place on 4-6 implants depending upon the teeth in the opposing arch, age of the patient, and the inherent bone density and strength. This bridge is often referred to as the ‘All on Four’ fixed bridge, but it often requires more than four implants when used on the upper arch.


Implant Overdenture

This photo depicts a popular solution to eliminate the loose and easily displaced lower denture. It is very cost effective to place two implants in the chin portion of the gums, and then securely ‘snap’ it into place with specialized attachments. The denture still rests on the gums, but it is held securely by the implants in the front. Additional implants can be added for additional security and eliminate or reduce the sensation of movement in the back area.

Implant-Bar-Overdenture-All-On-4-300x200 (1).jpg

Lower Implant Overdenture

This solution for eliminate the lower denture that rests on the gums shows 4-6 implants in the lower arch that are connected by a custom made bar to support and retain a lower denture. The final solution keeps the lower denture off of the gums to avoid any sore spots, and entirely supported and retained by the implant bar. Pink acrylic supports the cheek and lip, while hardened acrylic denture teeth provide firm and secure biting ability with the confidence of lower teeth that ‘snap’ onto the bar, but can be removed daily to easily clean around the implants.