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Cosmetic Dentistry Gallery

The smile makeovers below show the ‘before and after’ results of cosmetic dentistry treatment by Dr. Ted Reese.

Smile Makeovers

Gum Re-Contouring Reveals Beautiful Teeth

Short and disproportionately small teeth are only an illusion. Gum re-contouring exposes all of the teeth needed to display for a full and beautiful smile. No changes or alterations to the teeth themselves have been done.

Bonded Bridges Restore Missing Teeth

Congenitally missing teeth, and short ‘front’ teeth need to be addressed.Bonded bridges replace the missing teeth and create a naturally beautiful smile.

Extensive Cavity Damage Restored Same-Day

Before: Extensive cavities along the gum line likely the result of heavy carbonated sodas.

After: Immediately after one extended appointment, the decay is removed and restored with bonded adhesive resin material. NOTE: Additional cleaning of the teeth and healing of the infected gum tissues is required.

Snap-On Smile is a Pain-Free Smile Makeover

Before: Missing teeth, spaces, and disproportionate sizes between existing teeth are all ‘masked’ with the snap on smile. This treatment does have a more limited application and longevity, but offers an immediate improvement and beautiful smile option.

Old Fillings Replaced to Match Shade

Not all smile improvements require porcelain veneers. Here the old, stained fillings between the teeth that created a distraction to the smile was improved by simply replacing the older fillings with improved material.

Before: Dark and awkward discolorations between teeth. Chipped, stained, and worn ‘fillings’ between front teeth.

After: The appearance of ‘unaltered’ or unrestored teeth. One visit restorations of the teeth and great enhancement to the overall smile.

Traumatic Fracture Repaired Same-Day

Before: Front tooth damage to tooth structure, but not to underlying pulp or nerve.

After: Resin bonding accomplished in one visit.

Discolored and Fractured Teeth

Trauma to the upper right teeth had created internal injury to the nerve that discolored, fractured, and will lead to eventual abscess conditions.After treatment.

Porcelain Crowns, Bridges, Root Canals, and Veneers

Tetracycline stains, tooth decay, and protruded and missing teeth are all issues needing to be addressed.Porcelain crowns, bridges, root canals, and veneers treatment have been combined to provide a naturally beautiful smile with all the strength restored of the original teeth.

Laser Gum Treatment

PRE TREATMENT SMILE: The teeth are nicely aligned but still fall short in resulting in an attractive smile. Final Orthodontic treatment resulted in nice alignment and straight appearance of the teeth yet the overall result is minimized by an abundance of gum tissue covering the teeth and making the teeth appear short. The teeth are actually of a proper and desired length, but gingival. 

IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING LASER GUM SURGERY: Full dimensions of the teeth are exposed with the use of a dental laser. No incisions, no sutures, and a quick and easy recovery. Note the smile enhancement created by merely exposing the full dimensions of the teeth.